vigne verginianae

Among the historical paper documents held in the Library of Montevergine Abbey, we have found a significant parchment testifying the ancient link between the town of Montefusco and the ancient practice of growing grapes in these places.


Taken from the “Virgin Diplomatic Code”, edited by Placido Mario Tropeano (Montevergine, Benedictine Fathers, 1979):

1137 - November, ind. I, Montefusco

Proserpina, Umberto’s daughter, lord of Atripalda, receiving the news of the her husband’s Iderno death, who fell in the war between King Ruggiero and Count Rainulfo, near Siponto, asks Alberto, rector and custodian of the Saint Mary’s church of Montevergine, to send some of her religious to the land of Puglia to collect the mortal remains of her husband and give him an honorable burial in the sanctuary; at the same time, she offers to the Abbey, a vineyard outside the castle of Montefusco, in the Saint Angel locality, in Marcopio.

(Original, PARCHMENT N. 239, 215x425 mm; writing from Benevento).


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