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Eight years have gone by since the untimely death of Lucio Mastroberardino, a talented winemaker who marked not only the first twenty years of Terredora but also the onset of the new millennium in Irpinia.

Time goes by but Lucio's legacy lives on in his wine cellar and we like to think of it as the roots where vines draw sap for their branches to grow upwards.

2021, for Lucio, would not in itself have been a particularly specific anniversary: he was born on 21 March 1967, on an early spring day characterized by extremely variable weather conditions. All the people who knew him certainly remember his pursuit of excellence combined with an authentic character, his rigor, pragmatism and approach to encouraging team work inside and outside the company. In his own way, he was also unpredictable and creative, as if his birth on that strange day in 1967 had been auspicious.
The eight years that separate us from that sad 29 January 2013 embody all the symbolic value of the number eight, the number of balance, of mastery of the situations that life imposes on us and which we have to deal with.
Not a single wine but three Taurasi Reserves!

Taurasi Riserva Lucio came into being to commemorate our "travelling companion”. We could hardly achieve this except through a project of "collector wines" which enhance the temperament of such an amazing grape variety as Aglianico, in turn rendered unique by the varied expressiveness of the sites where our vineyards are cultivated..
The first vintage selected for this special project - which will only include the great Taurasi vintages - is 2007: balanced and full-bodied with excellent evolutionary potential, even though it is already close to fifteen years of aging.

The presentation box, with the three Reserves, is designed to ensure an experience of discovering territories through "liquid emotions". We can imagine the Pietradefusi, Lapio and Montemiletto estates to be the tips of an ideal triangle superimposed on the heart of the Taurasi production area, a rather large and extensive zone extending over seventeen municipal districts.
As we move up along the River Calore, the altitude rises from 350 meters above sea level in Pietradefusi to more than 600 meters in Lapio; this implies that there may be as many as 3 weeks difference in ripening of the grapes between the Pietradefusi vineyard, the earliest, and Lapio, the last. Even the locations present differences, despite the common clay-chalk base, combined with elements of volcanic origin, and the rather short distances.

Despite the different expressiveness - the Reserve from Pietradefusi boasts greater elegance, while the wines made with grapes from the other two estates have tannins with special nuances of refined austerity - these three interpretations all share structure, power and longevity.

This is the ensemble which tells us about Lucio and the Taurasi he loved.

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