After more than three thousand years, who ever visits Pompei can find amongst the ruins vines. This is the living testimonial of the deep roots of wine history in Campania. It all began thousands of years ago, in the VIII century A.D. when the first vines arrived thanks to the Greek colonies.

Grapevines grew on the hills of Campania from where the Romans radiated them throughout Italy and then all over the world. Here, the Romans produced wines for emperors and naturalists of that period, they studied the wines, they classified them and described the vines of the most prestigious grapes: Greco, Fiano and Aglianico.

In the heart of the Campania lies Montefusco, the antique Fulsulae remembered by Tito Livio and becoming later the capital of the Principality of Ultra, which corresponds to the current province of Avellino.

The modern wine cellar, the centre of gravity of the vines dislocated in rays, is found in the splendid and natural scenario of Serra di Montefusco, at about 650 s.l.m. which dominates the three production areas of the Fiano of Avellino, Greco di Tufo and the Taurasi.

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