Terredora in The Wine Advocate’s

Wines of Terredora in The Wine Advocate’s Seventh Heaven

The points awarded by renowned Wine Advocate, Robert Parker’s wine magazine, praise the high quality of the distinguished winery and its unique region, Irpinia.

The 2004 Taurasi Pago dei Fusi was honored with the second highest score achieved under all central and southern Italian wines.

MONTEFUSCO (Avellino) – The renown and internationally respected American wine magazine Robert Parker’s, The Wine Advocate praise the wines from Terredora.  This winery run by Walter and Dora Mastroberardino and their children Daniela, Lucio and Paolo has written a very individual success story.  Since 1978, the wines have steadily acquired outstanding awards that have confirmed  – Terredora belongs in the league of top wineries.  The wine assessment from Antonio Galloni is a perfect illustration: 95+ points for 2004 Taurasi Pago dei Fusi, which represented at the time, the second highest score attained for a wine from central and southern Italy.  In total, the other wines from Terredora have scored at least 90 points, an achievement which keeps Terredora in the top echelon.  The continuing success story writes and proves Terredora produces great red and white wines that fulfill all price segment demands.

“Our daily highlight is working in the vineyards and cellar to fully capture the unique terroir of the sites and their influence on Terredora.  We have succeeded in creating another iconic red wine from central and southern Italy that along with Fatica Contadina and Campore increase the importance and supports the high ranking of Terredora.  The wine is Pago dei Fusi – distinguished by character rich with flawless finesse and charming elegance.  This distinguished wine owes much to the soils it grew on, which are robust, pliable loose soils, that are typical for the Calore Valley and have been used since antiquity for exceptional Aglianico,” stated Walter Mastroberardino.

Especially the devotion and dedication of Lucio and Paolo Mastroberardino, oneologist and agronomist, was recognized by the Wine Advocate.  2004 Taurasi Pago dei Fusi, 95+ points, was acclaimed as a “rock-star wine” a triumph of “dark cherries, plums, tobacco, licorice and incense are woven together in a fabric of superb richness.”  The comments to 2004 Taurasi Fatica Contadina – 94 points, are no less celebratory: “Readers who want to know why Taurasi is often called the “Barolo of the South” need to taste Terredora’s 2004 Taurasi.  This dark, powerful wine draws the taster in with an array of dark fruit, herbs, tar, smoke and anise, all of which come together on a classic, firm frame.”

For the other Terredora wines that came under scrutiny, the following results are worth mentioning: the Taurasi Pago dei Fusi 2003 – 93 points, Taurasi Campore 2004 – 93 points, Greco di Tufo 2009 – 91 points, the Aglianico 2008 – 90 points, Falanghina 2009 – 90 points, the Coda di Volpe 2009 – 90 points, and the Fiano di Avellino 2009 – 90 points.  The Wine Advocate sums up the characteristics of these wines as having finesse and balance, fragrant notes, vitality, elegance and harmony.  Characteristics that further underline the “story of a family that is fully connected with the lands of Campania and combined with passion for both grapes and the resulting wine.”  Thirty-two years of devotion have pronounced the family Mastroberardino as leaders of the wine culture renaissance of the region.

In fact, Terredora is avant-garde – successfully combining age old traditions, modern innovation and firmly sound technical know-how.  With over 180 hectares privately owned and an additional 20 hectares leased in the most esteemed areas around Avellino, Terredora is one of the the third largest wineries in the south of Italy.  It is worth mentioning, that thanks to the soils and the climate, the wines of Irpinia develop their own unique character.  Due to the altitude of the private vineyards, the soils and the resulting thermic conditions, the wines of Terredora achieve an intensive elegant fruit and seductive bouquet.

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