TERREDORA – Exemplary Model in Unison With Nature


“Travelling from Naples in the direction of Irpinia the mild and sunny Mediterranean landscape is exchanged for a scenery filled with rolling hills, streams and wine valleys surrounded by majestic amphitheater-like historic regions revelling in the wonderful climate.

It is almost like being in a transformed Switzerland with southern flair – mountainous with clear, cool climate but still heavily affected by the Mediterranean Sea (from the west the Tyrrhenian and from the east the Adria).

Taking the Naples-Bari highway, within half an hour the panorama opens to a charming view with manicured vineyards that thrive in the Irpinian climate. The loyal allies of excellent wine making are here nature, the soil and the knowledgeable wine makers, whose wines are internationally respected. It is here on the hills of Montefusco, in the Avellino province, between Mount Taburno and Mount Vergine, an unique wine that characterizes the region is found. It is exactly this character that the son of the legendary Walter Mastroberardino, Paolo Mastroberardino strives for. Walter Mastroberardino is the wine maker that brought the world in the 1960’s to love and respect the

Alberto P. Schieppati